Julie Meehan and Jeff McAfee launched studio threesixty in July of 2010.  The two designers met while both employed at another design firm, which closed their office.  Their design theories and way of working meshed immediately as they began designing a series of projects that have been both locally and nationally recognized.


As a team they bring together a well rounded and highly effective skill set.  Their process typically starts with both of them developing the initial ideas and concepts together. After the design begins to take shape Jeff’s focus shifts to creating the three-dimensional and detailed drawings.  His distinctive approach to combining various drawing and rendering techniques set not only his ideas, but his presentations apart from other designers.  In tandem Julie brings her extensive knowledge of products, materials and furniture in to pull everything together.  Her ability to assemble exceptional color and material palettes ensures each client will have a masterful distinctive end result. 


Julie and Jeff believe that the creative process should be fun and collaborative.  Working with clients, colleagues, and industry partners, makes each design better.  As licensed professionals and graduates from accredited college programs they recognize the importance of education and the value it has on their profession.